Our business model is a paradigm shift in the automotive world – it’s as much about revenue from energy generation as it is from vehicle sales.

Red’s revenues start with the sale of vehicles, but each vehicle will generate an ongoing revenue stream from its interaction with the electricity grid. Red will aggregate vehicles generating into the grid as a virtual power station, coordinate generation by our customers, and optimise the return from grid interaction. This ongoing revenue stream which accrues to Red and our customers is our PowerPlay – and sets us apart from the rest of the automotive world!

Our vehicles will fill a niche not currently addressed by others – our first model is a practical, off-road capable 4×4 pick-up. It is not compromised by short range and limited recharging options. Its ability to co-generate power to a home, and to generate revenue by exporting power to the grid makes it a winning proposition for our customers. Our patent-pending IP also offers the opportunity to license our technology to others, providing additional revenue.

We’re currently raising funds to further develop our technology, build a concept generator vehicle and pursue our IP protection and licensing activities. For further information please contact us.

The Future Starts Now.