Our technology sets us apart.

Off-road – Aftermarket

Most off-road capable vehicles suffer from cost-driven compromises between on and off-road performance, particularly in the area of suspension. Red is developing products for aftermarket application that provide improved performance both on and off-road. Watch this space!

Trailer tow

Technology for the towing of trailers behind light vehicles has barely advanced in decades. There is a booming market in travel trailers and caravans, with a trend to heavier trailers towed by SUVs. This is increasing the focus on trailer stability and safety generally as more people head off down the highway for vacations and long trips. Our trailer-tow technology promises to revolutionise towing by providing greatly improved safety.

Automotive Technology Development

As vehicles transition to electric power a new and exciting future awaits – one of low-carbon transportation and environmental sustainability.  Challenges remain, however. Whilst battery technology is progressing, the best battery/electric drive systems still weigh many times the conventional equivalent and have less range.  This becomes an issue where heavy loads, long distances and limited recharging opportunities coincide. Red is working on technologies that address these challenges in a sustainable and optimal way.

The Future Starts Now.