Our technology is a key part of what makes us different.

Variable ratio transmission

This is essential for an off-road capable 4WD electric vehicle that will potter happily (and efficiently) for hours in rough terrain as well as hit the highway at 200km/h plus. There have been previous attempts at variable ratio transmissions, but currently all electric vehicles use a single (fixed) ratio. Our transmission solves the problems encountered in previous attempts using proven technology.

Vehicle to home interaction

Vehicle to home interaction (V2H) technology that will increase the overall efficiency of energy use, reduce CO2 emissions and enable homes to disconnect from the electricity grid. Patent pending.

Key specifications for our first vehicle:

  • Electric only range >200km
  • Range with range extender operating >1,200km
  • 0-100km/h in under 7 seconds, >200km/h top speed
  • 3,500kg towing capacity

*Indicative concept only

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