Our technology sets us apart.

Vehicle to home interaction

Our patent-pending V2H technology allows you to co-generate heat and power for your home at three times the overall energy efficiency of a typical gas-fired power station. And with about one-third the carbon emissions!

The Red vehicle docks to the home, transferring heat and power:

  • Heats your hot water, even your pool.
  • Provides space heating in winter.
  • Generates electricity for the home. You can even recharge your home storage battery – great for winter days.
  • Sell surplus power into the grid.
*Indicative concept only

Key specifications for our first vehicle:

Our first vehicle is what you have been waiting for! Electric, but with none of the range and practicality compromises. It’s a dual-cab 4×4 utility for maximum practicality, load carrying and lifestyle.

The Future Starts Now.